Myers Super Foods is a grocery store and the main focus of the show. The entire episode takes place inside the store, and the plot is about a problem the store has. It sells mostly canned goods, with other item such as frozen meats plus fruits and vegetables. The store is owned by the Myers family, and managed by Pablo Myers.

Items Sold Here Edit

Among the things sold at the store, the canned foods produced by Toad's seem to be the most popular as it is implied that the cans are a premium and are as much of a status symbol as they are sustenance.

Snouts and Tails - the snouts and tails of certain animals. It is likely that the animal these originate from are horses, although another animal's tail may be used because horse tails are just hair.

Ultra Lean Pork Cubes - Chunks of pork in a square shape. As denoted by the tag line, they are very lean and are possibly one of the more popular cans because of this fact. They are priced at 99 cents.

Puddle Fish - The least popular type of can as mentioned by Scott Clam. So few people buy them that the store has a surplus of them, and Ms. Livingstone says that she not even feed it to her slaves. Due to this, they are only 59 cents compared to the usual 99 cents for cans.

White Food Medley - The contents of this can are unknown, only that all of the food is white. It is possible that the food is just white rice. Priced at 99 cents.

Corned Beef Hash - Corned beef. This can is advertised in a commercial made by Pablo Myers. Priced at 99 cents.

Creamed Horse Meat - Self explanatory. Possibly a big seller implied by Myer's protectiveness of the horse meat stored in the freezers in the back room.

Boiled Hooves - Probably the same as the above.

There are other cans such as Stinky Beans, Fold (?) Fish with unknown contents and pricing.

Equipment Edit

The store is decked out with security cameras, loudspeaker and butcher's freezers. The equipment seems to be quite old, as the loudspeaker makes a lot of feedback whenever used and the cameras have terrible image quality and no sound. The freezers are high quality, however, and is likely so because of the horse meat stored there.

Butcher Shop Edit

There is an in store butcher shop run by a man simply known as Brown. This is where the horse meat is stored on hooks in the freezer, but it is unknown where the meat is canned. The shop is very clean and sterile, as it should be.