"Hey Daisy, when you see me at the dumpster dive, I'll be going 'Hup hup hup hup!'."


"Surprise, I'm Doug Prishpreed, the big boy with the butter."

Doug Prishpreed is a customer that frequents Myers Super Foods, showing up multiple times in one day. He was seen attempting to woo Daisy by inviting her to "this week's dumpster dive" which may be an actual event or something Doug does for fun. He shows up later on the security cameras attempting to see what is inside a can. Pablo Myers thanks him at the end of the episode for shopping from his store and supporting his family.

Trivia Edit

  • Doug seems to think he has x-ray vision or is psychic, as he tries to see into a can without opening it more than one time on the show.
  • He also makes appearances on "Check it Out! with Steve Brule" as himself during the sports segments, where his "big boy with the butter" line comes from.